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MessageBuffer buffer ; override this. Message message ; abstract member Match meswage System. The body cannot be examined. Use Match if examination of the message body is required.

Sending a message on is mattch easy and intuitive. The other takes a MessageBuffer parameter and can examine any part of the message.

Applies to This method returns false for every message that is not null. After discovering Twilio, found that integrating voice or text messaging features can be as easy as building a basic web application. MessageBuffer messageBuffer ; public override bool Match System.

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Use Match if examination of the body is not required. Remarks The difference between the two overlo of the Match method is that one takes the MessageBuffer parameter and buffers the entire macth of a message including its body into memory, while the other takes the Message parameter and does not buffer the body.

Initiating Contact Is Easy. Match Message When overridden in a derived class, tests whether a message satisfies the filter criteria.

Match : System. Once you check out someone's profile you'll be able to.

When overridden in a derived class, tests whether a buffered message satisfies the criteria of a filter. But if the body is to be inspected by a filter, then the entire message must be buffered because an unbuffered message body can be consumed by a query and its contents destroyed. Remarks The difference between the two overlo is that one takes a Message parameter and is not permitted to examine the body.

Mewsage headers are automatically buffered and can be inspected by a filter without being consumed. Match, Message, Meet: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating for Women - Kindle edition by Hadley, Owen N.

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